1. Remove all flammable materials from welding place at a distance of not less than (12 m)
  • If flammable materials can’t be removed ,these materials must be covered with a non- flammable material
  • Equipment for fire-fighting must be put near the welding place
  • A supervisor of fire must be assigned and be there near welding place to follow the flying sparks and he must be trained on fire-fighting
  • After finishing welding, the supervisor of fire must stay in the welding place for a period of time not less than 1/2 an hour to notice any slow fires may happen because of the flying sparks
  • Welding and cutting are not allowed at all to be inside empty containers except they are completely free of flammable vapors
  • In the case of welding in the site using gas cylinder, it must be provided with back flame blocker and there is a person is trained on using fire extinguisher in order to avoid fires or explosions in the site
  • The contractor must give data concerning the materials used in the site(MSDS)to the occupational health and safety official
  • No business is allowed without signing (a work permission) by the project manager or his representative and the occupational health and safety official to make the work environment safe(from:TK-FR-29)
  1. Individuals are not allowed to work without personal protection tasks(safety shoes_ helmet_ glasses_ welding mask_ heat insulation gloves)
  1. If there is a danger or an insecure task, the occupational health and safety official must notify the manager of the site directly to take action , back to the general manager of occupational health and safety to take actions for make the work safe and determine if the work is to be stopped or not
  1. In case of using flammable or exploding materials, these materials must be listed before entering the site in an inventory list for the occupational health and safety official
  1. The contractor must provide a risk assessment of all processes performed in the site to the occupational health and safety official so as to be revised and sure of the process safety