The work specified in this section consists of furnishing and installing a pipeline using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method of installation, also commonly referred to as directional boring or guided horizontal boring. This work shall include services, detailed engineering, equipment, materials, and labor for the complete and proper installation, testing, maintenance of underground pipelines and environmental protection.


The requirements set forth in this section specify a wide range of procedural precautions necessary to insure that the very basic, essential aspects of proper directional drill installation are adequately controlled. Strict adherence shall be required under specifically covered conditions outlined in this specification. Adherence to the specifications contained herein, or the Engineers approval of any aspect of any directional bore operation covered by this specification, shall in no completion of the work authorized under the Contract.


Prior to beginning work, the Contractor must submit to the Engineer a work plan detailing the procedure and schedule to be used to execute the project. The work plan should include a description of all equipment to be used, down hole tools, a list of personnel and their qualifications and experience (including back-up personnel in the event that an individual is unavailable), list of subcontractors, a schedule of work activity, project quality plan, method statement, a safety plan including procedures of handling potentially hazardous material Work plan should be comprehensive, realistic and based on actual working conditions for this particular project. Plan should document the thoughtful planning required to successfully complete the project.

In addition, the Contractor shall provide a comprehensive set of prequalification documents to the Client and Engineer, clearly indicating that he has executed similar works successfully. The completed project details shall include project titles, Client, Engineer, and reference names where available.