What Are the services we are providing?

Al-Gammal Company for General Contracting is considered one of the emerging companies in the fields of general contracting and services with a proven track record of the list of successful infrastructure projects, such as oil and gas projects, electricity projects, sewage lines, water and telecommunications
The company is developing in various fields of general contracting with the support of our sister company (ALGammal transportation and Agyad workshop) to support our growth.

Implementation of
Cables laying Projects

Implementation of Interconnections HV and MV cables projects

HV up to 500K.V, and communication cables.

Implementation of Overhead Projects

Where we install air insulators to the electrical towers

Implementation & Installation

Of High Voltage Equipment Inside High Voltage Substation 220 kV

Implementation of
Horizontal Directional Drilling

(Road, Pipeline, River, Canal and Sand Dune crossings HDPE and steel pipe sizes up to 48” OD and more HDPE and steel pipes up to 1700 meters lengths and more).


Implementation of Horizontal Directional Drilling


HDD Pipelines

Implementation of Infrastructure

of infrastructure

of infrastructure

Other Business Activities





It is a factory specialized in forming metals and helps our company in making the necessary industries to carry out tunnel drilling and cable laying works in addition to making the necessary preparations for fleets of cars and heavy equipment.