Al-Gammal was founded by Mr. Taha Al-Gammal
in general contracting field in Egypt since 2009

The idea to establish this company was based on a specific vision that aims to achieve far goals; that are not bounded by any limits, through a set of well- studied steps and procedures.


    • We are passionate about contracting field showing enthusiasm, energy and an understanding of our client needs. Passion is at the heart and mind of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.
    • We will always deliver what we promise, while working to the highest quality standard. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We over deliver where possible.
    • We treat our clients with full respect and sensitivity.
    • We are real. We demonstrate complete integrity, upholding honesty and strong moral principles. We do not compromise the truth.
    • We accept responsibility for our actions. We use experience and good judgment to support the business.
    • Continue providing excellent service while maintaining top quality. Attaining the clients trust ensuring a satisfactory provided services while fulfilling our commitments through doing the most effort to exceed the expectations.
    • Follow the highest standards and quality control measures in executing our projects.
    • Provide opportunities to develop skillful personnel.
    • To further develop our business capabilities ensuring to provide work environment that encourages participants.

    Why Choose
    Al Gammal Company?

    • Highest Quality
    • Commitment
    • Efficiency
    • Speed of implementation
    • We deliver as promised

    opportunities to

    develop skillful personnel.


    Attain the trust and satisfaction of our clients with fulfilling our commitments always, and doing the most effort to exceed their expectations ..
    Follow the highest standards and quality control measures in executing our projects.


    Our vision

    We aim to be

    on of the top performing companies implementing various infrastructure projects development locally, regionally and then globally.

    We seek to be

    the preferred business partner by providing the best services and quality to our clients.

    We have a vision to

    create local opportunity, growth and impact in the community and other countries as well.


    is one of our traits.


    we always keep our promises and deliver on time.

    We’re client

    focused in terms of business objectives, needs as well as execution of the projects.